24 Hour Urine Hormone Testing

Many hormone tests are unable to get a holistic picture of your patient’s hormone levels. This is because hormone levels vary throughout the day so you may be measuring a peak or a trough and also important hormones like estriol and androstanediol are missing or inaccurate in serum and saliva hormone tests.

At Meridian Valley Lab (MVL), urinary hormone tests provide precise quantification via gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and proprietary laboratory procedures tied to exacting laboratory quality standards. 24 hour urine hormone tests allow you to quantify your patient’s production over a 24 hour period avoiding peaks and troughs and get a detailed view of how the hormones and metabolites may be effecting their current symptom picture.

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Test Code Profile Name Instructions
4100 Comprehensive ULTIMATE (includes Oxtocin, Melatonin, and hGH) Instructions
4009 ComprehensivePLUS with Oxytocin Instructions
4090 ComprehensivePLUS with Melatonin Instructions
4078 ComprehensivePLUS Hormone Profile with hGH Instructions
4080 ComprehensivePLUS Profile (includes T3/T4, 2/16) Instructions
4001 Comprehensive Profile  Instructions
4035 Pre Comprehensive and Post Adrenal Instructions
4030 Pre and Post Adrenal Instructions
4000 Adrenal Profile Instructions
4002 Sex Hormone Profile Instructions
4061 Estrogen Profile Instructions
4006 Oxytocin Instructions
4091 Melatonin and 6-sulfatoxymelatonin (MTS6) Instructions
4076 Human Growth Hormone (hGH) Instructions
4456 Urinary Free T3/T4 Instructions
4460 Urine NOx (nitrate) Instructions